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Monday’s class is sacred to me, which means I go out of my way not to schedule anything else that evening. I especially enjoy the sounding/toning during the first hour. It’s a great way to relieve the tensions/stresses of the day, and brings me back to myself, my body. Both you and the group make it safe to explore with sound, and breathing.
-Kathryn Bing-You, Feng Shui Consultant

Karina’s T’ai chi class is a haven for me. She teaches it from the inside - out. It is a remembering, again and again the center. She teaches very much from what is happening “now”, and I often feel inspired by her spontaneous creativity.
-Louise Barrie, Huma Somatic Psychotherapy

Focusing on T’ai Chi with Karina has given stability to my life and provided a framework for my acceptance of disability. The group is like another very supportive family that I look forward to visiting every week.
-John Knoop, filmmaker

Every class is an experience that goes deep and stays with me through my week and beyond. I would call you a “guide”.  You do it with skill, directness, and grace. Thank you for all you have done for me in my life. 
-Karen Fox-Reynolds, school teacher

Karina is especially well versed in movement arts and takes her students on an introspective journey in each class. She is truly an amazing and loving guide who is happy to assist her students with their own particular physical concerns. Just being in Karina's presence alone, gives me a feeling of confidence and comfort.

She has a unique quality of being able to bring the group together so that all participants feel the collective energy and the benefits of the powerful oneness that only occurs in a group setting.
 -Geri Stern, Security Pacific Real Estate

The work you do is magical. Perhaps "mystical" is the word – you see us so completely and bring us along at our own speed. I am in awe of your sensitivity to each individual.

For me, you are a spiritual guide. You have shown me a way to seek spirituality without tying it to a traditional religious experience but to my body and the world soul. I came to appreciate your insistence on our being rooted, your attention to detail. Working with you has also made me aware of needing to find my own voice. The breath work has been amazing.
-Meredith Kaplan, landscape architect, gardener

Karina, you confront us with truth and acceptance, honoring that each student has a particular path and pace. You model what it means to have high expectations of oneself, and to be honest, self-accepting and humble at the same time. Thanks for your caring, your guidance, and the sense of humor you bring to your work!
-Alison Odell, writer, educator, musician & artist

Karina’s class is an essential part of my life, and I hope to grow old with it. Her wisdom and gentleness combined with an exacting and high standard is always a gift to be around. Her little impromptu lectures are really a philosophy of life, and her grace when moving and expressing is an inspiration.
-Catherine Hartshorn, PhD, therapist

Your class has been probably the most important activity I have had the opportunity to be involved with in my recovery. You teach lovingly without pressure to quickly learn a lot of new movements. I can never thank you enough for your help. I do consider it one of the fortunes of my stroke!
-Jane Hysen, physician assistant